Physician Affiliations

AcuHealth is proud to perform acupuncture services at many of the top Fertility Clinics in Arizona. Our office specializes in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine to treat infertility and have gained great respect for our work as a complement to your treatment at these clinics. Our pre/post acupuncture protocol (before and following embryo transfer) at your physician’s office has successfully helped many couples improve their chances of conceiving.

Robert was honored to have been the featured speaker for the Arizona Society for Reproductive Medicine on the topic of Acupuncture and IVF: A Model For Integration. We feel that the future of medicine is in combining the best insights from both East and West. AcuHealth is at the forefront of creating the medicine of the future and are delighted to work with your physician. We have the privilege of working with:

Arizona Associates for Reproductive Health

Advanced Fertility Care

West Valley Fertility Clinic

Southwest Fertility Center

Fertility Treatment Center

IVF Phoenix

Arizona Reproductive Medicine Specialists

Fertility Centers of Arizona