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We are delighted to welcome Lisa Swanson to our practice. Please see her bio to learn more about Lisa and her expertise.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Lisa Swanson L.Ac. has been in the field of natural medicine for over 15 years. After taking the most vigorous and competitive exams in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine the California Acupuncture Board licensed her as soon as she graduated from the Acupuncture Integrative Medicine College in Berkeley, CA with a Masters of Science degree in Chinese Medicine. Prior to opening a private practice and running retreats she worked with patients at the California Pacific Medical Center in Stroke Recovery, the Kuan Yin Healing Arts HIV and Hepatitis C Clinic, the HAART Methodone Addiction Clinic, Lifelong Medical Clinics in Berkeley and Oakland treating low income families with a variety of internal medicine issues, and the Charlotte Maxwell Cancer clinic. From this diverse background and advanced education and training in The Balance Method she is able to treat any disease or concern comprehensively.

Lisa enjoys working with patients from the holistic perspective Chinese Medicine lends itself to, and often incorporates use of essential oils, and nutritional muscle testing. Last year she underwent advanced training for pregnancy, labor preparation, and postpartum care which is of special interest to her. Additionally, in 2008 Lisa studied facial acupuncture techniques and was recognized by San Diego Fox 5 news in 2012. That interview can been seen on her website: www.lisaswansonlac.com She also teaches Kundalini Yoga and completed her yogic trainings at Yoga Phoenix in AZ and at Ananda in Grass Valley, CA.

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Dear Robert,The first IVF in the United States occurred in the 1980’s.       The first successful treatment of infertility happened in China 2500       years ago…
Did you know that there are many studies today that show the efficacy of       acupuncture in helping couples to conceive?Did you know that Chinese herbs are natural and powerful and they are       often as effective if not more effective than Western medicine?Did you know that by combining Western reproductive medicine with       acupuncture and herbs – your chances of getting and staying pregnant       increase?Tune in to my radio show tonight and find out how.  Call in and ask       questions.

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